Kyle Haas found himself at a crossroads in his life in 2018. Facing a year left on his sentence, he was given a choice – stay in prison and finish out his sentence or join Orange County Conservation Corps. Kyle chose to start his journey at OCCC, a choice he believes changed his life. Since joining OCCC, Kyle has received specialized training at our partner e-waste and recycling facilities, earned his high school diploma, and established a residence in a three-bedroom home with roommates. He was released early from parole due to his hard work and determination and looks forward to continuing in our program and graduating.

At OCCC we work to bring down barriers for young men and women who have encountered numerous obstacles in their lives and lead them towards success. Kyle is an important and perfect example of what it takes to be prosperous in our program and we are proud to have him as a Corpsmember. If you are interested in learning more about Kyle and the work our organization does, please read the Orange County Register’s feature article.

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